Sumo Paint just screams Photoshop thanks to it’s interface that looks not unlike the editing giant’s. There’s a ton of advanced tools in here making it the perfect replacement app for your traditional native suite.

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Splashup is another image editor that works right in your browser. It features a fully fledged layers system to create well composed graphics, and the ability to share to popular services like Flickr, Picasa and Facebook to integrate into your site.

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Even though I just said you don’t need Photoshop, let me go back on what I said. Pixlr is like a Photoshop based online, as it looks and feels like a native app with it’s traditional floating menu interface. It’s a kick-ass replacement image manipulation application that will likely work well on your brand new Chromebook, with it listed in the Chrome Web App store.

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The IconSeeker is the best icon search engine on web, it contents about 50,000+ high quaility icons and each icon has PNG, ICO and ICNS formats for Windows, Macintosh and Linux Systems.

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